BERYL NEW LED K-2 1800 PLX EDD 33 IP20/44 / TUNABLE bílá

Náš kód: 19.3046.5201.33
Výrobce: Luxiona

"Aluminum cast housing. This technology significantly increases possibility of application of particular luminaire due to lower ceiling load since additional cooling radiator is not required. Beryl New LED K has higher efficiency and efficiency than the previous version. Luminaire is dedicated for prestigious interiors such as hotels, banks and offices of higher standard. Owing to the newest components and renowned producers of LEDs applied it was possible to build such luminaires which save energy consumption comparing with traditional solutions. LED modules adjusted to regulate the color temperature of light in the range from 2700 K to 6500 K. The luminaire has the ability to adjust the optics in two planes (in the vertical axis by 359° and to the left and right 15°). Note: the color of the frame and housing has a slightly different shade than the color of the inner reflector cover."

Detailní informace
Skupina: BERYL NEW LED K-2 1800 TUNABLE bílá
Montáž: modulární podhled, SDK
Materiál: hliník
Barva svítidla: RAL 9010 (bílá)
Optika: PLX (PMMA opal)
Rozměry: 160x160x136 mm
Napájení: 220..240 V, 50..60 Hz
Driver: DIM DALI (EDD)
Zdroj: LED
Teplota okolí: 5 ÷ 30
Příkon: 16 W
Světelný tok: 1143 Lm
Lm/W: 71
Příkon zdroje LED: 14 W
Světelný tok zdroje LED: 1900 Lm
Životnost LED: 100000 h
Lx/By: L80/B10
Teplota chromatičnosti: 2450 ÷ 7000 K
Index podání barev Ra (CRI): >85 Ra
Stupně: (C0-C180) / (C90-C270) - 75,8° / 75,6°
Krytí IP: IP20/44
IK: IK04
Třída ochrany: II
Modul LED: beryl_TW_1800
Svítidlo: BERYL NEW LED K-2 1800 PLX EDD 33 IP20/44 / TUNABLE bílá
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